Structural health corrosion monitoring solutions

To build and maintain smarter, cost-effective, safer, and more sustainably

Our vision

Moving concrete infrastructure into BIM and Industry 4.0.

We provide continuous structural health corrosion monitoring solutions, to build more durable and maintain more cost-effective.

Our technology

We offer the first precise and reliable structural health corrosion monitoring solutions for reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. It is an all-in-one solution comprising:

  • Wireless embeddable sensors
  • Smart data analysis
  • Data interpretation and recommendation on further actions


  • Monitoring of degradation processes in new and existing infrastructures: bridges, tunnels, parking garages, etc.
  • Validation of the durability and effectiveness of repair solutions
  • Validation of new more sustainable concrete solutions (new blended cements, concrete admixtures, etc.)

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All-in-one solution

DuraMon’s innovative and unique sensor technologies combined with Smart Analytics, is world-wide the first precise and reliable structural health corrosion monitoring solutions for reinforced and prestressed concrete infrastructures. It allows to detect & understand the deterioration processes in an early stage and to more reliably predict its progress.

DuraMon’s solution integrates:

  • Wireless Multisensor: Redundant system of several individual sensors with integrated data logger for acquisition and wireless transfer of the sensors responses. Together with our data processing (Smart Analytics), we obtain reliable and simultaneous profiles over time of:
    • pH
    • Free chloride concentration
    • Concrete’s electrical resistivity
    • Steel potential
    • Temperature
  • Smart Analytics: Data processing of the sensors responses (IP, algorithm). It allows:
    • Minimization of errors due to sensors drift
    • Detection of individual sensors failure. This avoids the failure of the whole system and ensures still obtaining measurements of all relevant parameters.
  • Corrosion related structural health interpretation
    • This includes corrosion diagnosis and forecast at the different location where our Multisensors are installed, together with a recommendation on further actions to be taken. See prototype.

more than a sensor

Our offer

Our offering consists of:

  • One-time fee: sales of the wireless Multisensors (installation optional)
  • Recurrent fee (subscription), giving access to:
    • Profiles of all measured parameters
    • Corrosion diagnosis and forecast (optional)
    • Recommendation on further actions to be taken, e.g. repair urgency (optional)

Our technology


Our solution is an embeddable multifunctional sensors in selected representative locations in concrete structures. It can be used in:

  • New concrete structures
  • Existing (corroding) concrete structures
  • Concrete structures undergoing repair 

Each embedded multifunctional sensor is composed of individual sensors, which respond to different parameters. Altogether, our multifunctional sensor permits, for the first time, the continuous long-term monitoring (at different depths from the concrete surface) of all relevant parameters for corrosion and durability: pH, chloride concentration, temperature, concrete’s electrical resistance, steel potential.

The sensor is coupled with a measuring unit to perform the required measurements and it transmits the data wireless thanks to the LoRa technology.

Data analysis and interpretation

From the transmitted sensor responses (thanks to the LoRa technology), we perform a holistic interpretation of the data by considering the interaction of all measured parameters. As a result, we obtain:

  • Profiles (and their forecast) of all relevant parameters for corrosion and durability (pH, chloride concentration, temperature, concrete’s electrical resistance, steel potential)
  • Reliable corrosion diagnosis and forecast 

Our analysis is continuously refined as we obtain more data so we can obtain more and more accurate results.

From the analysed data, we provide our customers a service based on a recommendation on the repair urgency at the different locations in the concrete structure where our sensors are embedded. An example of the information our customers obtain with this service can be seen with the following clickable demo.

Our vision

Reinforced concrete is widely used in large infrastructures tunnels, garages, bridges, etc.) and in many public and private buildings. However, the service life of reinforced concrete structures is often limited due to corrosion of the steel reinforcement. Concrete structures suffering from corrosion have to be repaired in order to reach their expected service life but there is currently a lack of knowledge to determine the right time of repair. This results in:

  • Foregone revenues due to a too early repair of the structure
  • Compromised safety if repair is not timely performed which ultimately endanger human life

With our solution, we aim at obtaining continuous reliable corrosion diagnosis and forecast, which can be usedboth for structures built with traditional Portland Cement but also containing new blended cements. With our solution, we can help our customers selecting the right type of repair, for the right structure at the right time.

Our solution enables decreasing the number of structures needing repair simultaneously and thus helps diminishing corrosion costs while ensuring safety. 

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Continuous monitoring

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Dr. Yurena Seguí Femenias


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